About Us

Pioneers in Shape Charge Technology

Harrison Jet Guns II, L.P. sits on 163 acres in south Tarrant County. The Jet Guns Company was founded in 1949 by John Hakala, John Holden and Steve Austin, and is one the very first pioneers in shape charge technology for the use in oil and gas well perforating. The company was sold to Mandrel Industries sometime in the mid 50’s. The Harrison family purchased the company in 1963 after the sale of one of their other holdings (Vector Cable) to Schlumberger. UM Harrison had strong ties to Schlumberger and started supplying them with shape charges as well as other explosive specialties. The company was led by UM Harrison until his untimely death in 1972.

Growth and Expansion

Upon the death of UM Harrison, his wife Barbara Elizabeth Harrison and his three children Phillip G. Harrison , Theodore H. Harrison and Chrissy C. Tate all of Houston Texas took over the day to day operations of the U.M. Harrison Partners. Phillip G. Harrison remained in Houston in order to maintain its relationship with Schlumberger and handle any needs that arose. Theodore Harrison in 1973 moved to Arlington Texas so that he could oversee the day to day operations of the manufacturing facility. In the mid – 90’s Harrison Jet Guns II, L.P. stopped manufacturing its own brand of shape charges to concentrate solely on charges made for Schlumberger. In 2013 the company began the process of re-qualifying its own line of charges.

Expert Leadership

Currently the day-to-day operations of the manufacturing are overseen by Ted’s son Casey, who started working here in 1982 and learned the business from the ground up. Each department is headed by people who each have over 38 years’ experience. We specialize in all aspects of shape charges ranging from punchers to big holes.